Components and the features of the Ranorex Automation Tool

Components and the features of the Ranorex Automation Tool

Components and the features of the Ranorex Automation Tool

What is Ranorex?

Ranorex is a software testing tool, it produces test automation for various situations, tools, and software purposes. It enables the users to execute useful testing on desktop, web, or mobile applications. Ranorex helps the different user interface technologies involve HTML, Java, Flash, iOS, Android. Learn Ranorex Test Automation Online Training at FITA Academy and develop advanced skills in Ranorex. Here in this blog, we described the Components and the features of the Ranorex Automation tool. 

Components and the features of the Ranorex Automation Tool

Components of Ranorex

Automated Testing Software

Ranorex studio presents the Recorder, Container, and Observer, all under the combined test situation.

Ranorex Recorder

 One can record the search facts by recording and working back a user’s actions while traveling through the purpose during the testing method. The reported user activities and the associated UI components are protected as personal objects, and they can be quickly located and published. 

Ranorex Spy

Ranorex Spy machine allows the user to settle the UI components of demand within the scanner. It is a query language that enables the examiner to confirm the purpose in order to recognize and separate out different UI components quickly. This device gives the mapping knowledge of these GUI components to develop the Xpath.

Ranorex Repository:

UI elements of the statement that are happening examined can be detected below the Ranorex Repository. It is a division of Ranorex Studio, the research center environment, and is also combined with Ranorex Recorder and Ranorex Spy. This container can be applied to produce a reasonable mapping of certain UI elements which will eventually help in maintaining test sequence effects and component descriptions.

Features of Ranorex

  • The important characteristic of Ranorex is Cross-platform measurement. Once the search cases are composed, they can be performed on various mobile tools like Android and iPhone. 
  • It allows a user interface purpose identification model that is good and is completely dependent on Ranorex XPath technology.
  • It gives a toolset that provides the user to automate the UI testing by showing the UI operations without composing any code.
  • It allows a spy generator to follows the features of each and every user interface component started on the application’s screen. 
  • It quickly reports the test samples from real mobile devices. While selecting the listed steps, there is no requirement to reproduce a separate block of code.
  • It maintains document validation of each document design started on the screen. A variable is defined and connected to the research sample.

Learn Ranorex Test Automation Online Course at FITA Academy and gain more knowledge in Ranorex automation tool. 

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