Everything About Robot Framework With Python

Everything About Robot Framework With Python

Everything About Robot Framework With Python

What is Robot Framework?

It is an open-source framework for acceptance test-driven development, acceptance testing, and RPA framework. It employs the keyword-driven testing technique. The test cases are written in Python or Java and can be used to extend the capabilities. Robot Framework Test Automation Training in Chennai offers worthy certification training with 100% placement assistance.

Robotic Process Automation:

It is the process of reducing human effort in collaboration with a program that uses AI techniques and machine learning. RPA is used to handle high-level and repeatable tasks.


ATDD is a development methodology for communication and collaboration among developers, business customers, and testers. They collaborate and conduct acceptance tests before adopting the functionality.

Acceptance Testing:

It is an evaluation tool used to identify a system’s capability. The goal of acceptance testing is to analyze a system’s capabilities with the business necessities.

Robot Framework Architecture:

The core framework is written in the Python library, which runs on JPython, IronPython and Dot Net. It helps to create Python automation framework from scratch. The Python library is availed with Robot framework collections.

When the process begins, the framework functions the test data to generate logs and reports. The collaboration is managed by the python libraries, which can use added test tools as drivers to evaluate the target.

Standard Libraries:

  • BuiiltIn
  • DateTime
  • Collections
  • Dialogs
  • Process
  • OperatingSystem
  • Remote
  • String
  • Screenshot
  • XML
  • Telnet


The built-in tools are available in the Python robot framework. FITA Academy‘s Robot Framework Test Automation Online Training will help to enhance your knowledge and skills. 

Test Cases:

The categorized test cases are in the following.

  • Workflow Tests
  • Data-driven Tests
  • Higher-level Tests

Organizing Test Cases:

Although robot test cases are generated in test case files, they can be structured into directories to form a test suite hierarchy. Every file containing test cases constitutes a test suite. The test cases can be organized in a hierarchy using directories; all of these directories generate high-level test suites with names derived from the directory names.

Browser Drivers:

After the installation process, you must install the device drivers for OS  and browsers that you intend to use in the tests. The broad approach is to configure the browser driver like Chrome’s Chromedriver, and also use a Webdriver manager tool for test cases.


So far we have discussed Everything About Robot Framework With Python. So to have a profound understanding of the Robot framework you can join Robot Framework Test Automation Training in Bangalore and learn the concepts, features and benefits of robot framework.

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