How to coordinate a call center outsourcing partner properly?

How to coordinate a call center outsourcing partner properly?

Outsourcing in-house activities is a tradition in the corporate and business world. All the companies, from small-scale to large-scale, started to outsource their company activities for development. One of such services is the outsource customer service call center. Call center customer service is where a company hires a team to manage their customer’s calls and queries. Most of the call center outsourcing companies are situated in different locations. The call center companies recruit and give training to their employees to handle the communication about the businesses. Hence, below listed are a few methods that a company should follow to coordinate with their call center partner to work effectively.


The first rule to handle a call center partner is never to treat them as a vendor. Like HR management software, a call center company is not a seller that offers company software or networks. They must be treated like a business extension that profits in the development of the company. Hence, there must be periodic feedback given and taken as the partners of the business. Frequent visits and contact center outsourcing are the two prime factors needed to develop a relationship in business. 

Being active:

Being active during the training sessions and meeting the outsources physically will help the company coordinate them properly. During the onboard training of the team, try to attend the training with at least for the first three classes. It helps to know how the trainer trains the employees. However, make sure at least the coordinates meet the outsourcer regularly.

One point contact:

Always have a single point of contact with the outsourcer. Hence, it is advisable to have a client services manager lead who updates about the outsourcing services. It helps to communicate with ease and resolves the issue in a faster way.

Weekly report:

It is essential to have a weekly report about the session, training, and other activities. It helps the companies and the call center outsourcer to stay on the same page. Both the company and the partner should be consistent and understand the company goal to work effectively. Make sure that the call center company hits their weekly goals and understands when they don’t do so.

Hence, like debt recovery services, call center outsourcing is an essential service for developing the business. Therefore, consider the tips shared in the post for a better relationship with the outsourcer.

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