How To Fix The Discoloured Stainless Steel Tri Ply Pans?

How To Fix The Discoloured Stainless Steel Tri Ply Pans?

Triply Pan

Stainless steel tri ply pans are the commonly used cookware in the kitchen regularly. The triple layer coating is either an aluminium or copper layer between the inner and outer coating of stainless steel because the steel alone is not sufficient to distribute the heat evenly. Hence, triple coating of a layer is essential for faster cooking. The only concern is the black spots on stainless steel cookware that is hard to remove and destroys the texture of the cookware. Therefore, cleaning the stainless steel pan online after every meal preparation is hard and requires rigorous scrubbing. The scrubbing may cause severe damage to the pan and may lose its shining feature. Hence, in this post, some of the cleaning techniques are discussed to retain the shine of the cookware.

Making a cleaning solution:

Removing stains from stainless steel pots or pans is hard with regular dish soap or liquid. The manufactures of the tri ply stainless steel frying pan suggest users use their powder for cleaning. The powder is more expensive than the regular powder. However, a simple cleaning solution can be made at home which is more effective than the cleaning powder. Take equal parts of baking soda and water to form a paste and rub it on the cookware. Allow the cookware to sit for a few minutes and rinse it in the warm water. Use a cotton cloth and damp on the cookware to wipe the water. This way, the heat conductivity and the shine of the vessel are not destroyed.

Use of baking soda:

Cooking and cleaning are huge tasks performed by any homemaker. Cleaning the vessel in between the cooking process only stresses out. Hence, first cooking and cleaning lastly is the easiest technique to remove the stains. Therefore, after cooking, soak the pan in the water. Soaking will help to loosen the food particles from the pan. To clean stainless cookware, fill them with 1/4 of water and place it on the stove. Add a handful of baking soda at the center and whisk them evenly. As the soda fizzes on the side, slow down the heat and wait until the soda reduces. Now, scrub them and rinse in warm water.

To remove the grime of years:

If the stainless steel pan has discolored for years or has a stubborn stain, fill the pot with hot water and place it on the stove. Now add a handful of baking soda and bring them to boil. Drop the discolored pan into the boiling pot and reduce the flame. Allow them to sit until the residues start to come off. After removing the pan, scrub them rigorously and rinse them in hot water.

Therefore, the suggested methods are applicable to remove stains from the 1 liter pressure cooker online India . Hence, consider the tips said in the post for better cleaning.

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