Services provided by Microsoft Power BI

Services provided by Microsoft Power BI

Services provided by Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a visual data application that is mainly used for business intelligence. Power BI’s dashboard is designed for application by business professionals with diverse degrees of data experience. It can present and display data in various formats, including infographics, maps, tables, scatter plots, and more. Power BI is made up of numerous interconnected programmes, including Power BI Desktop, Premium, Vip, Mobile, Implant, and Report Server. While some of these apps are free to use, paying memberships to the premium and VIP versions offer enhanced analytics features. In this article, we will cover the services provided by Microsoft Power BI. If you desire to learn more, you can enrol in Power BI Training in Bangalore, which will offer you all the essential information you need.

Power BI Services:

  • Evaluate the Resources you Utilize:

Power BI includes pre-setting reports and visualizations in dozens of resource packs, templates, and connectors for hundreds of network operators, apps, and services. You can also utilize the on-premises gateway to investigate statistical models on your own servers using Power BI. It helps in comparing website traffic to sales or discover which campaigns attract new consumers. You can construct your own reports and visualizations to manage who could view more sensitive information.

  • Utilize your Data to Tell Tales:

Charts are wonderful for statistics, but if you want to display data that changes over time in an easy-to-understand style, Power BI’s new Format Storyteller is for you. You can use this tool to make a straight list of periods or times or to arrange them in rings, funnels, grids, or other designs. You may also display a big list, a sequence that indicates the length of events or selects proportional or logarithmic scales.

  • Raise Questions Using your Own Terms:

When you enter a query, Q&A will propose keywords you can add depending on the columns in the data set, and when there are panels connected to the dashboard, those will be suggested as queries. This is a simple method for producing visualizations for data collection since, if the query proves to be really helpful, you may pin the visualization to the dashboard. You can also add highlighted queries in the panel settings if you control the data collection.


I hope you understand the services of Microsoft Power BI. Power BI is an important component of every digitally performed organizational activity. With Power BI, you may exchange or implement ideas into your website or business. There are various Best Software Training Institute In Bangalore where you can acquire training assistance. Joining the Power BI Course in Bangalore additionally provides certification and job placement support, which could help professionals improve their careers.

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