UPSC Prelims 2021: Latest Subject-Wise Study For Preparation

UPSC Prelims 2021: Latest Subject-Wise Study For Preparation

IAS Academy in Chennai

The IAS preparation is the interaction of important topics for the UPSC Syllabus. There are a lot of coaches available for guidance. You need to choose the Best IAS Academy in Chennai. After getting the coaching, you will get an idea about the exam and syllabus. You will know about the topics. In this article, you will learn how to prepare the latest subject wise study for preparation for UPSC prelims 2021:

Current Affairs:

The preparation of current affairs is regarded to be tough by many of the aspirants because it doesn’t have an outlined syllabus and candidates should prepare on their own or depend upon the IAS coaching classes particularly for this section as currents affairs isn’t all about what and why was a problem within the news it’s also about the way to correlate the difficulty within the news with the UPSC Syllabus.

Art and Culture:

Over a period of your time, this subject has gained its own place within the UPSC Exam and has become important both for prelims and mains exams. Areas to specialize in this subject would be architecture, dance forms, folk cultures, paintings, martial arts, etc. IAS aspirants need guidance for the preparation. So, it is very essential to enroll in Top IAS Coaching In Bangalore to crack the exam


  1. Indian geography
  2. Map reading is quite enough underworld geography
  3. The focus should get on areas that were in news recently in map reading
  4. For example, Kaveri Dispute
  5. The South China Sea thanks to Island issue
  6. Sources to refer
  7. NCERTs of 8th to 12th standard


Special emphasis should get on the Constitution while preparing for polity. There are various IAS Academy in Trivandrum available for preparation because the UPSC exam is one of the respected and reputed jobs in India. It has huge competition. There are many students who take this exam. Under the Indian Constitution areas to offer importance is:

  1. Fundamental Rights
  2. Directive Principles on State Policy
  3. Fundamental Duties
  4. President and Parliament are the foremost important


You have to focus on basic concepts of the world organization, current affairs, etc. The most effective thanks to cover the economics subject would be to links the recent issues in news with the essential concepts of economics.

  1. 11th and 12th standard NCERTs
  2. Major newspapers, RBI, and Government initiatives

Thus, the above-mentioned are the subject-wise study for preparation. If you are searching for the best IAS Academy in Hyderabad, then you are in the right place. From the classes, you can get updated materials, sources, and proper current affairs also. Hope this article helps you. All the Best!

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