What Are The Features Of AngularJS? Learn The Trending Features

What Are The Features Of AngularJS? Learn The Trending Features

What Are The Features Of AngularJS? Learn The Trending Features

AngularJs is similar to the Javascript framework, which is open-source MVC. It is the most useful framework available today. AngularJS framework was developed by Google for the developers. They are used for developing single-page applications. The frameworks are up to date for the developer’s satisfaction. From this blog, get to know about What Are The Features Of AngularJS? Learn The Trending Features from AngularJS Online Training.

Features of AngularJS

  1. Data Binding
  2. Architecture
  3. Directives
  4. Not Browser Specific
  5. Codeless
  6. Speed and Performance
  7. Dependency Injection
  8. Deep Linking
  9. Routing
  10. Productivity

Data Binding

To perform the data binding function, there is no need to write a separate code. With help of snippets, the data are binded from HTML to application data.


AngularJs is built with help of MVC architecture. It has three parts in AngularJs, they are model, view, and controller. The three allow managing the application.


The view of the AngulaJS framework will be in the form of a template. The directives help to perform the application need. 

Not Browser Specific

AngularJs do not need browser-specific. They run on all the browsers except internet explorer and android phones. 


It does not need the code to write the function. The same code can be used to perform a certain function. This codeless feature has the uppercase, currency, lowercase to filter the data format. Join AngularJS Online Course to know more about the features.

Speed and Performance

AngularJS maintains good speed and performance because of code generation, universal, and code splitting. 

Dependency Injection

It helps in developing the application though the features would be easy to understand. AngularJs asks for the dependencies of injection to perform the function through the developers.

Deep Linking

It allows bookmarking a website. The URL is used to save the page without changing its state. Learn AngularJs Online from SkillsIon to explore the skill in developing the application. While the user requesting the page, it will be the same as before. 


Routing allows switching between views. As AngularJs framework is a single-page application, they are easy to navigate from one to another application.


The productivity of AngularJs framework includes template, Angular command-line tool, and intelligent code completion. 


As AngularJS became the most important framework, for developers in developing the web application. It became easy for the developers to create an easy and efficient single-page application. 

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