What Are The Five Strategies For UPSC Preparation?

What Are The Five Strategies For UPSC Preparation?

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Every household will have someone who is aspiring to become an IAS officer. It is the most reputed and honored designation that one could have. This exam is conducted for hiring suitable candidates by the Union Public Service Commission for IPS, IAS, and other allied services. Many people, soon after graduation or school, enroll themselves in an institution for IAS coaching. However, constant preparation and training are required to crack any competitive exams. Lakhs and lakhs of people have been writing UPSC exams for many years. So, to stand out among the students is to practice and understand the exam strategies. Preparing with the UPSC previous years question papers along with simple methods will help students to crack the exam. In this article, you will learn what are the five strategies for UPSC preparation:


The foremost factor to consider in any competitive exam is to understand the concept and purpose. There are lots of myths regarding the UPSC exams. Hence, it is essential to clear the myths by understanding their inner facts. It helps the IAS aspirants to focus and learn more with a positive approach. Hence, learning the concerns and rumors regarding the exams will improve the quality of the study.

Sort out study materials:

Another prime factor for a winning score in the IAS exam is, sorting out the study materials. The online portals are filled with lots of information and study materials regarding UPSC exams. It confuses students more and, spend most of their time online. Don’t overdo the study material and have limited as well as the latest version of materials. Having a sufficient number of Current Affairs for UPSC will help much more. Therefore, it is essential to have the minimum and latest pattern of the study materials.

Time management:

It is essential to have time to prepare for the exam for the whole year. Divide the 12 months and spare time for everything. First, finalize the optional subject for UPSC. Spend a few hours of the day on optional subjects and the remaining hours for general studies. Thirdly, practice the answer to the questions by writing and spend more time on the optional subject. It is for beginners who have no idea how to prepare. Hence, students who faced exams previously might know the strategy and prepare accordingly. Therefore, time management is required to crack the exams.

Therefore, preparing with IAS current affairs not only helps but, along with understanding and time management, the person’s capability to become a civil servant will improve.

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