What Are The Seven Chakras And Their Benefits?

What Are The Seven Chakras And Their Benefits?

Chakra Massage

The health of our body entirely depends on the energy circle. The chakras in the body regulate this flow. Some focus points in the body responsible for the energy flow are called “chakras”. Do you know “how many chakras are in the human body?”. Seven main chakras correspond to the entire human function. In this blog, let’s discuss “What are the seven chakras and their benefits?”. Massages can help in regulating these seven chakra. Get into the best Spa in Chennai and book your appointment now!. 

What are chakras?

When the energy channels can become clogged, resulting in disease and disruptions in the body’s regular activities. Understanding what each different chakras in our body represent and what we can do to maintain this energy flowing smoothly is critical. When the types of chakra are balanced, this is feasible.

When the energy wheel becomes stuck or blocked, the movement might help release prana (energy). Because yoga postures and breathing exercises welcome fresh, living energy back into the body, they are an excellent way to remove the blockage in channels. Here we will discuss the chakras and their functions. 

Yoga practice eventually leads to a state of unity, which is attainable when we develop a condition in our bodies where energy may flow freely from the spine to the head. We can achieve a state of union with the cosmic energy that flows through all living things when energy can flow freely. Read this blog further to know more about “what are the 7 chakras?”. Get your chakra massage at the best Spa Near Me

7 chakras of human body

Muladhara Chakra

This chakra is located in the spine region. The Muladhara Chakra impacts the health of the bones, teeth, nails, anus, adrenals, kidneys, lower digestive functions, and excretory functions in the body.

Symptoms: Tiredness, poor sleep, lower back pain, sciatica, constipation, depression, immune-related illnesses, obesity, and eating disorders.

Poses that help in regulating this chakra are:

  •  Mountain Pose
  •  Side-Angle Pose
  •  Warrior Pose
  •  Standing Forward Bend
  •  Bridge Pose

Swadishthana Chakra

The Swadishthana Chakra is related to a person’s emotional identity, creativity, desire, pleasure, self-gratification, procreation and intimate connections.

The stomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, middle spine, and autoimmune system are all controlled by this chakra. Get your chakra massage through Massage Spa Near Me

Symptoms: Lower back pain, sciatica, diminished libido, pelvic pain, urinary issues, poor digestion, low resistance to infection and viruses, weariness, hormonal imbalances, and menstruation disorders.

Poses that help in regulating this chakra are:

  • Standing Wide Forward Bend
  • Sitting Wide Forward Bend
  • Bound Angle Pose

Manipura Chakra

The Manipura Chakra is concerned with the person’s sense of belonging, mental understanding of emotions, and self-esteem. It treats issues in the upper abdomen, gallbladder, liver, middle spine, kidney, adrenals, small intestines, and stomach. If you have the question, “which chakra signifies the process of enlightenment?”. Then this chakra can help you with it. Get your Full Body Massage in Velachery.

Symptoms: Diabetes, pancreatitis, adrenal imbalances, arthritis, colon disorders, stomach ulcers, intestinal tumours, anorexia/bulimia, and low blood pressure.

Poses that help in regulating this chakra are: 

  • Sun Salutation Pose
  • Warrior Pose
  • Backbends like Bow Pose
  • Sitting Half-spinal Twist
  • Boat Pose

Anahata Chakra

The social identity of a person is influenced by the Anahata Chakra, which governs attributes like trust, forgiveness, unconditional love, wisdom, and compassion. It treats the problems in the heart, rib cage, blood, circulatory system, lungs and diaphragm, thymus gland, breasts, shoulders, arms, and hands are all covered.

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Symptoms: Thoracic spine disorders, upper back and shoulder problems, asthma, heart abnormalities, shallow breathing, and lung diseases.

Poses that help in regulating this chakra are: 

  •   Camel Pose
  •   Cobra Pose
  •   Fish Pose
  •   Bellow breath

Vishuddhi Chakra

Vishuddhi Chakra is responsible for communication, creativity, faith, truthfulness, self-awareness, and expression. It oversees the trachea, cervical vertebrae, vocal cords, neck and shoulders, arms, hands, mouth, teeth, gums, and the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Regulate your chakras by entering the Best Spa in Velachery.

Symptoms: Thyroid difficulties, sore throats, stiff necks, mouth ulcers, gum or tooth problems, laryngitis, and hearing impairments.

Poses that help in regulating this chakra are: 

  •  Fish Pose
  • Cat Stretch
  •  Balasana pose
  •  Bridge Pose

Ajna Chakra

This chakra is responsible for self-awareness, knowledge, intellect, idea implementation, detachment, insight, understanding, and intuitive reasoning are all aspects of the Ajna Chakra. This chakra controls the brain, eyes, ears, nose, pituitary gland, pineal glands, and neurological system.

Symptoms: Headaches, nightmares, eyestrain, learning impairments, fear, melancholy, blindness, deafness, seizures, or spinal dysfunctions can all result from an imbalance.

Poses that help in regulating this chakra are: 

  • Child Pose
  • Meditation
  • Seated Yoga Mudra

Sahasrara Chakra

The Sahasrara Chakra impacts intuitive understanding, spirituality, mind-body-spirit integration, and conscious consciousness. It oversees the brain, neurological system, pineal gland, and the centre of the head and midline above the ears.

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Symptoms: Chronic tiredness and sensitivity to light and sound are symptoms of a Sahasrara Chakra imbalance.

Poses that help in regulating this chakra are: 

  • Tree pose

We have concluded about the seven chakra names and their benefits. If you plan to get a Body Massage in Chennai, enter Le Bliss Spa. They offer you all kinds of spa services. 

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