How Is Organic Milk Different From Regular Milk?

How Is Organic Milk Different From Regular Milk?


Organic milk is famous worldwide because of its nutritional value, is environmentally friendly, and is healthier than regular milk. According to recent studies, in the United States, people consume 15% of organic products in their dairy products regularly. Hence, many people in Western countries include organic products in their diet to improve their quality of life. Therefore, milk suppliers in Chennai provide organic milk over regular milk in recent times. People have realized the importance and the nutritional facts in organic products and replaced them with regular milk. The main reason behind the popularity of organic milk is, they are unprocessed milk and involve natural farming methods. The farming techniques and various physical factors have an impact on the purity of the milk. Hence, listed below are some differences between organic and regular milk.

Nutritional facts:

The foremost factor that differentiates organic and regular milk is the nutritional facts. Recent studies show that essential minerals like iron, vitamin E, omega-6, and omega -3 fatty acids are rich in organic milk. The pasteurization and homogenization process destroys the fundamental vitamins and fatty acids in regular milk.  Hence, the milk company in Chennai started to supply organic milk along with conventional milk. 

Unadulterated milk:

Organic milk is unprocessed and unadulterated fresh farm milk. Commercial dairies use antibiotics on cows to treat inflammation of the mammary glands, mastitis, artificial insemination, and many more. These antibiotics affect the human severely and reduce the immunity level in the body. The quantity of the drugs and antibiotics in organic milk is undetectable when compared with conventional milk. Hence, organic milk is a sustainable health drink for any age group.

Longer shelf life:

Organic milk has more shelf life compared to regular milk. Both the milk undergoes the pasteurization process, but the only difference is the duration. Conventional milk undergoes the process for 15 seconds at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. But organic milk undergoes the process for 280 degrees Fahrenheit only for 2-4 seconds. The reason for the time difference is, there are few organic farms in the city. Hence, to travel the grocery shop and to reach milk home delivery in Chennai need a longer shelf life.

Therefore, organic milk in Chennai has more nutritional value than regular milk. Hence, consider the benefits suggested in the post regarding organic milk and give a thought before buying any dairy product.

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