How Relevant is Selenium in The Agile Testing Scenario?

How Relevant is Selenium in The Agile Testing Scenario?

How Relevant is Selenium in The Agile Testing Scenario

Starting from drawing rooms to beaches the Netflix platform has a huge fan base with potential customers and fan base with minimal interpretation and delivering high-quality videos. This has come true with the support of dedicated team members who are good at agile methodology in testing. These testers also offer an unparalleled customer experience by innovating the agile testing approach. If you are interested in learning about selenium and how relevant it is in agile testing then taking Selenium Training in Bangalore will be very helpful

This selenium testing framework helps in identifying the challenges which are mostly associated with the testing of dynamic web frameworks and also applications. The selenium acts as a savior while testing the colossal web applications such as Google, HubSpot & Netflix. Also the software testing help selenium in the agile testing scenario.

What is selenium?

Selenium is an open-source framework for automation testing that simulates real-world users on a variety of web browsers. At present, selenium testing jobs are more in demand. As the web applications and web interface are getting complex there is increasing in the selenium testing method which is also getting more popular among students. This offers different tools to execute the various testing methods in software applications.

Tools is Selenium :

  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Web Driver. To learn about these tools in-depth doing a certification on Selenium Course in Bangalore will be a great idea.

Although the selenium testing method has made web testing easier there are different types of selenium testing tools in the market that are more challenging. We’ll take a look at some key aspects below to see if selenium is still necessary for agile application testing.

Needs third party support :

The Selenium tools need support from third-party tools for multiple processes like testing, reporting, and scalability.

Scalability :

Selenium testing is more flexible in running tests in every os and web browser. But the number of tests it runs over has been limited still now. The speed of the selenium testing strategy depends upon the hub configurations used by the tester. To learn about how these tools are been used in selenium, going for FITA Academy which offers the Best Selenium Training in Bangalore will help you out.

Multi Tab Testing :

The multi-tab testing is present in selenium but acts as an obstacle if we fail to give the commands as a tester. The implementation of the switch to the method will help you to deal with these kinds of scenarios in software testing.

Conclusion :

As we discussed above, how selenium testing is demanding and how it is relevant in agile testing methodology. So to have an in-depth understanding of selenium automation testing purposes you can join Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore and learn the concepts of selenium.

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