Top Reasons Why Use PhoneGap?

Top Reasons Why Use PhoneGap?

Top Reasons Why Use PhoneGap?

What is PhoneGap?

PhoneGap is an open-source framework for creating cross-platform mobile apps with HTML5, Javascript, and CSS. Developing apps for each device iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and others—requires different frameworks and languages. PhoneGap solves this by bridging web applications and mobile devices with standards-based web technologies. Join PhoneGap Course in Chennai at FITA Academy, which will help you to enhance your technical skills and knowledge.

Top Reasons Why Use PhoneGap?

Does Not Require Any Additional Development:

You don’t need to learn new programming languages to create an app with PhoneGap. Phonegap employs industry-standard languages and technologies. As a result, you could use team members who are already proficient in these technologies. 

Development on Multiple Devices:

Phonegap uses standard technologies that are compatible with a variety of devices. In most cases, JavaScript APIs are consistent across platforms. As a result, these also reduce development time. However, third-party plugins are used for features that are not available on all platforms.


Developers could use the most recent versions of the native SDKs without keeping up with each platform separately. It allows them to concentrate on the functionality of the app they are developing while also saving a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent tracking down changes in the various platforms. You could submit your Javascript, CSS, and HTML to the cloud and receive a ready app in return with PhoneGap Build.

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Improves Collaboration:

Different team members can use their strengths collaboratively to achieve the result faster and more smoothly. PhoneGap’s development environment ensures that each developer can use it best to collaborate on the final solution.

Faster Development:

It allows you to deploy your application faster. The mobile app developer could use existing skills and readily available SDKs to achieve the result in less time. The PhoneGap Emulator is another useful tool for testing and debugging.

Easy Sharing:

PhoneGap Build allows you to share the app with your friends and family as soon as it is complete by sending a link. The app could be downloaded directly onto the recipient’s mobile device without the need for a laptop.


Now you would have understood the Top Reasons Why Use PhoneGap? So, to have a comprehensive understanding of PhoneGap, you can join PhoneGap Course in Bangalore and equip yourself with its benefits, functions and features.

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