What Is Kotlin And Where Is It Used?

What Is Kotlin And Where Is It Used?

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What Is Kotlin, And Where Is It Used?

An object-oriented statically typed programming language called Kotlin is compatible with Android, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and Java Class Library.

The statically typed, all-purpose programming language known as Kotlin was developed by Jet Brains. It combines elements of functional and object-oriented programming. They are compatible as Kotlin and Java can communicate and use each other’s data. Like the Java compiler, the Kotlin compiler creates byte code compatible with the JVM. To know more about kotlin, join Kotlin Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.

Kotlin is frequently used to create mobile applications for several platforms, server-side applications, and more. It’s like Java with a few extra features; the Kotlin project can use Java libraries. Even though Java is a tremendously fantastic language, Kotlin’s creators emphasised code simplification and transparency more.

The Kotlin programming language, frequently used alongside Java, was first created to enhance the Java programming language. Despite being the preferred programming language for Android, Kotlin is employed with various application types due to its compatibility with Java.

A general-purpose programming language, Kotlin is mainly used for creating Android mobile apps. In addition to Android apps, Kotlin is helpful for the following things:

1) Server-side development:

Java has historically been used in back-end web app development. Java and Kotlin can both be used for server programming. In Kotlin, Java Class Libraries are supported.

2)Full stack web development:

To convert Kotlin lines of code into JavaScript for front-end web development, developers utilise Kotlin for JavaScript. Thanks to this strategy, they can use the same code on the front and back ends.

3)Multiple mobile developments:

For Linux, Apple iOS, Apple WatchOS, and other mobile platforms, in addition to Android, developers use Kotlin.

4)Data science:

Building data pipelines and implementing machine learning models are two frequent data science tasks that employ the Kotlin programming language. Kotlin is supported by Jupyter and Zeppelin, two well-known Java-based data science tools.


I hope this blog will help to know more about what kotlin is and where it is used. To learn more about kotlin, join the kotlin online course at your own pace in your own space. Kotlin is used to create mobile applications for various platforms.